Monday, November 17, 2008


Welcome to Axis Monday. I'm your host, Hermes Trismegistus. Don't let the Pseudo fool you: that's been put there so you don't think it's really me. Actually I'm not me, or him, but that's another subject altogether, and I assume if you are here you know who I am. (Pseudo?)-Apollon more like. I promise that will be the last in-joke on this blagadingalong.

That's right. This blagadingalong is about many things. But it is not about irony or in-jokes. Axis Monday will feature stories about Wonder. I hope that what that means shall become clear in time. What now is muddled--from your conception of these concepts, to these jumbled words on a screen--shall come into clearer focus with time and experience, both yours and mine.

To business. My purpose (if I may be so bold as to declare that I have one!) is to draw out the mundane from the wonderful, and occasionally vice-versa. The latter is triter and hence I shall avoid it as much as I can.

I intend for this blagadingalong to be quite illustrative. Thus it will include many illustrations.

A brief note about identity and the distinction between what things seem, and what things are:

Axis Monday seems to be a blog. However, Axis Monday is NOT a blog. It is a blagadingalong. How are they different? The word 'blog' is extremely unpleasant sounding. Euphony is the single most important characteristic of a word. Since the world 'blog' is neither pretty nor particularly descriptive (It's short for 'weblog', a term which no one in the world has ever used except to define the word 'blog'), I shall not use it, and instead defiantly use a word that is even less descriptive and nonsensical. Blagadingalong has a great advantage over blog. It is whimsical. I suspect the subject of whimsy shall surface later on whether I like it or not, but for now content yourself with this: 'Blagadingalong' sounds silly. 'Blog' makes me frown, but 'blagadingalong' makes me smile. That's all you need!

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