Monday, April 6, 2009

Therein lies the source of all our woes

The valiant vanguard of cultural purity, our beloved Fox News, has finally isolated the cause of our overpowering sense of entitlement as a nation:

"This evil, evil man," Fred Rogers.

I am having great difficulty wrapping my head around this. Every day I am more firmly convinced that whoever pulls the strings at Fox is one of the greatest performance artists of all time. Dadaists, surrealists, modernists, postmodernists, and The Onion alike would weep before material of this caliber.

In a totally unrelated photo, here's Fred Rogers getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom:


  1. Thus passes the glory of journalism...

  2. Sic Transit Gloria Jornalismo?

  3. Every time you link back to Fox News, God kills a kitten.

  4. I didn't, I linked to a blog linking Fox News.