Thursday, July 16, 2009

No, THEREin Lies the Source of All Our Woes

Sorry for another Fox post, but I thought that that guest referring to Mr. Rogers as an "evil, evil man" was the stupidest thing that could have ever been said on Fox. It appears that this comment has not just been exceeded, but lapped.


  1. That was....something.

    Also I'm going to ignore the obvious racist bullshit in favor of pointing out Kilmeade's fundamental ignorance about Sweden (and, I'm going to assume, Finland). Sweden, thanks to relatively liberal immigration laws and a reputation as a forward-thinking and tolerant society, is quickly becoming a nation of immigrants, mostly Turks and Iranians. (And Americans who marry their Swedish internet boyfriends, hurr hurr.) The mythos of Sweden as some kind of pure white Aryan nation poster child is...well, wrong.

  2. But there's something that's just so charming about racially homogenous societies!... as long as they're white, that is.