Monday, September 7, 2009

Axis Monday in the Former Soviet Bloc

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania:

Click here for the full-sized image.

Lithuanians have been placing crosses on this hill since 1831 or so, for various reasons: as a symbol of peaceful resistance to the Soviet Union, in honor of loved ones killed during Lithuania's various battles for independence, as a testament to their Catholic faith. No one started documenting how many crosses were there until the 1900s. The first recorded statistic is 130 crosses, the latest number is over 55,000 and still growing. The USSR tried to dismantle it a few times, and there was talk of damming the KulvÄ— River so as to completely submerge it, but noting ever came of it and the hill persisted throughout. Pope John Paul II even paid a visit to the site, and in 2000 a Franciscan hermitage opened up nearby.

Who would have thought what just one cross on a hill would start?


  1. That's amazing. I wonder whether the tallest one is anywhere near the center.

  2. Didn't one cross on a hill start the entire Christian faith? Or was that your point?